Origins of BATPUG


BATPUG is an Australian business bridging the gap in excellent travel products, with fancy names. Our first product is the Road Kill grill. The second to be released in September.  Created by an Australian Military Veteran and inspired by my two dogs Batista and Pugger.
  After spending Eight years In the Australian Defence force, I developed a passion for the outdoor travel lifestyle.  Many weeks traveling has taken up most of my time be it time in the Australian Army,  travel to work or on holidays.  Many times i thought to myself, that I really wish that was there was just one place where i could get the very best of travel products at the one location.  While walking the Thai Burma Railway to honour the war dead of many great nations,  I started to think of a business that I could be proud of, something that I will fall in love with and I could share with as many people as possible.
  After speaking with a mentor, who said to me "Anthony, sell your passion, build a business on your love." I decided on the name BATPUG as I absolutely love my two dogs Batista and Pugger.  Sadly Pugger passed away Thursday 23rd of May this year.  In his honour through this business,  I hope to make him proud.