Origins of BATPUG


ANTHONY LEAR – Adventurer, hunter, 4WD owner, army veteran, Owner of BATPUG – has more than 20 years personal experience in vehicle travel, camping in Australia and throughout the world. Gone are the days when people worry about what tucker to eat when going travelling.

Over the years i have taken the time to experiment with different gear in order to understand what to take to get the most out of each adventure, and now i carry the first of a range of quality products designed for the outdoor travel enthusiast.  The main image of Batpug is that i adopt Australian slang into tried and tested products, which have been given a facelift and rebranded under the BATPUG brand. 

Anthony knows that products that take up less space and weigh less are great for when considering the small size of vehicle interiors; as well as for adventure camping when you are carrying gear in the cab of your outdoor vehicle usually with a family.. This is why BATPUG offers products ideal for overland touring in Australia, and importantly take into account the benefit of weight and space.

I  will be soon, head up a few short videos on customers who have used the RoadKill Grill in WA who will give interesting and relevant information on  the use of the Road Kill Grill and what gear/accessories to take, and how to enjoy the Aussie bush without leaving a trace.