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For those who don’t know me, I am Cambo and currently spending the year driving around Australia. You can see my About Me post under the Blogs section on BatPug’s website.


In this post, I am going to share my favourite destinations around Australia that I have come across so far. Without a doubt, there is so much more for me to see, so there is a good chance that this list will change as time goes on, but from over 14,000km of driving on this trip, and a number of holidays over my 23 years, I’ve seen and enjoyed a fair bit of Australia.


If beaches are your thing, then you simply can’t beat the West Australian coast line. Don’t get me wrong, the beaches on the east coast are amazing. Noosa, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie are all amazing, but they are far more populated than WA. Western Australia’s beaches don’t have the high-rise buildings or the crowds, so you can often be the only person at a beach with pristine white sand and clear waters.


The best beaches (that I have seen so far) in my opinion are:

  • Little Beach – Just outside of Albany in Two Peoples Bay – Perfect for a relaxing day, enjoying the calm, clear waters.
  • Turquoise Bay – In the National Park section just South West of the Town of Exmouth – Amazing clear water, perfect for snorkelling and seeing some of the most amazing marine life in Australia (turtles, sting-rays, and plenty of fish).
  • 11 Mile Beach – One of Esperance’s many great beaches – clear and calm waters to the south, protected by some rocks, and steady waves flowing through on to the north.
  • Greens Pool – Denmark – Calm and clear waters, protected and surrounded by big rocks, making it fun to explore and relaxing to swim.


If waterfalls are your thing, then some of the regions of NSW are the hots spots. You just have to time it right with the rain.


The best waterfalls (that I have seen so far) in my opinion are:

  • Dangar Falls (Dorrigo) - Inland from Coffs Harbour, NSW – An awesome sight, with a lot more waterfalls to see in the region.
  • McKenzie Falls – The Grampions, VIC – Huge waterfalls. A sight to see, but get there early, or stay late to have the place to yourself.
  • Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls – Karijini National Park – peaceful waterfalls filling beautiful little waterholes, perfect for swimming.
  • Ellenborough Falls – West of Port Macquarie, NSW – a steep climb back up the steps after enjoying the tall falls and little swimming hole surrounded by awesome rocks.


If you’re into lookouts, then Mount Buffalo in Victoria would have to be up there, but there are just so many amazing views around Australia, it’s hard to narrow it down, but you can’t go wrong with these ones:

  • Mount Buffalo Summit – Decent climb, but worth every bit of it. Regardless of the weather conditions, it’ll be a sight to see. Whether it is snow, clouds or blue skies, it’ll make you feel very small.
  • Monkey Rock – Denmark, WA – This little hike seems to be only known by the locals. If you don’t know where it is, you’ll miss it, but it is certainly an amazing hike and view to behold. With views over the forest in one direction, and views towards the beach in the other, you will be amazed with this 360-degree view!
  • Five Brothers Lookout – South of Port Macquarie, overlooking the beautiful water as the lakes all meet together with the ocean.


If you’re for Red Dirt, then these are my top spots so far – but very likely to have to add more to the list by the end of my trip:

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – The heart of the country – I don’t think my words can give this spot justice. It truly is amazing. It is 10km to walk around the circumference of this rock. You’ll have to walk it to totally appreciate that!
  • Karijini National Park – The gorges, waterfalls and watering holes here, are just breathtaking. You could never get enough of that red dirt.
  • Gantheaume Point – Broome, WA – It is no surprise that plenty of people have their wedding photos taken here! Where the ocean meets the red rocks!


For now, those are my top spots to recommend, but this list is likely to grow as I keep moving around. Below are a few more locations that are worth a mention:


  • Rapid Bay, South Australia – For $9 a night to stay at the campground, you can’t go wrong if you want a nice relaxing spot by the beach. The jetty is apparently a squid catching hot spot, and if you paddle in the opposite direction, you’ll see a couple of caves by the beach. I could chill out there for a long time!
  • Hamelin Pool, Western Australia – Near Shark Bay, this spot has some of the clearest water I have ever seen, which covers the living rocks (Stromatolites).
  • Wyadup Rocks – Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia – This is one of my favourite beaches and could have easily been mentioned above. The rocks are located in such a way, that when the waves come from the ocean, they wall over the rocks, causing a small waterfall into a little protected area, hence the name, the natural spa. This spot isn’t far enough away from Perth to have an excuse not to visit!
  • The Murray River – I don’t think it matters where along the river you visit, but it’s worth finding a spot and enjoying the peacefulness of the Murray. Pelicans everywhere too!


Thanks again for checking out this post. If you haven’t read my others, they are available on the BatPug website under blogs.


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